Trinal has developed, facilitated, monitored, and reported on billions of dollars in construction- related projects over the years.

Trinal is a Diversity and Inclusion consulting company, which specializes in:

  • Development, facilitation, implementation, and monitoring of diversity programs
  • Procurement and business management
  •  Development and implementation of procurement and workforce hiring policies and standard procedures
  •  Economic development consulting
  •  Vendor and community outreach
  •  Development of, and instruction relating to, corporate diversity competency plans
  •  Computer software design/development for affirmation action programs

Trinal has a number of resources including a staff of seasoned professionals, who have strong public, as well as private, procurement and project management and more than 75 combined years of team experience in:

  • Procurement administration and program and policy development
  •  Economic opportunity development and management services
  •  Workforce hiring initiatives
  •  Contract negotiation
  •  M/W/DBE certification assistance
  •  Diversity and inclusion training
  •  Community and vendor/contractor outreach
  • Affirmative action software program development



Trinal’s Global Project Tracking System® (GPTS®) is a web-based diversity tracking software solution, which collects and provides detailed and comprehensive real-time reports in multiple areas including, but not limited to:

  • Prime, subcontractor, supplier, and vendor payment history
  • Minority, Women, Disadvantaged, Veteran, Local, Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender Business-Owned (MBE/WBE/BEPD/VBE/SDVBE/LGBTE/LBE participation)
  • Workforce hiring demographics
  • Prevailing and Union Wage/Davis Bacon compliance